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The Birth of a New Concept

In a world focused on health preservation and the appreciation of extra virgin olive oil quality, the introduction of the self-standing pouch represents a true revolution. This innovation preserves extra virgin olive oil in its purest state, thereby ensuring better protection for our well-being.

In addition to its protective function, this pouch bestows exceptional aesthetics upon extra virgin olive oil when displayed in an elegant cruet on a table. The colour of this high-quality oil adds a refined touch to our meals, while recalling the preciousness of its contents.

Through the synergy of the self-standing pouch and the cruet, we are invited to appreciate extra virgin olive oil from a new perspective, seamlessly combining both its taste and aesthetics.

Enjoying this quality oil becomes an experience akin to tasting a fine wine, making sure not to lose a single drop. We drew inspiration from the expertise of wine enthusiasts and professionals who use the DropStop. That's why we employ the same principle to serve olive oil. Rolled into the spout of the cruet, the washable and reusable pouring spout 'stops' the drop. It ensures a perfect pour and allows us to savour every delightful drop, without any waste.

In summary, this cruet finds its rightful place. It is both aesthetic and functional, offering an elegant and practical way to savour this precious extra virgin olive oil.

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