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O Kαiros 

Distributor of High Quality Products from the Olive

From Fun to Commitment

Imagine a door that opens on another perception

of the universe, of the event, of oneself.


Let yourself be guided on the paths of this beautiful region

of southern Greece.


Let yourself be transported by the beauty of its landscapes,

its scents, its colors, its flavors and ... its olive trees. 


You will find exceptional products

like the Koroneiki olives, originating from the city of Koroni

or those of Kalamata (Kalamon). 


In addition to being excellent for health, they are also highly reputed and appreciated for their tasting value.


On this site, I offer you high quality products

derived from these olives. 

They come from local, organic or sustainable agriculture, taking into account the protection of nature, the authenticity

and the quality of the manufacturing.


I hope that you will have as much pleasure in discovering

and to taste these exceptional and quality products selected

by my own care or produced by myself. 


Enjoy ! Καλή απόλαυση !



About O Kαiros

The ancient Greeks used two words to express time.

The first "chronos" refers to chronological time,

or the time that passes.

The second "kairos" means "the appropriate time",

an appropriate moment to act.


What if "O Kairos" was another dimension of time,

the depth of the moment?

What if time was measured not by the watch

but by the feeling...


This is why it is now time for me to launch myself into this beautiful adventure

which carries me for many years

and to let you discover what drives me today.

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