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O Kαiros

The opportunity to do something I'm passionate about

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After leaving my native Alsace and having had the opportunity to travel and work in different countries and different cultures, I discovered almost twenty years ago this beautiful region of Messinia in Greece, south of the Pelopponnese.

The values of O Kαiros

O Kairos promotes quality products, favoring organic and minimally processed ingredients. The whole range includes different varieties of olives such as Kalamata (Kalamon), Koroneiki, Mavrolia, and many more. From these carefully selected olives, O Kairos produces and distributes extra virgin olive oil, table olives, skin care products, as well as pharmaceutical components rich in antioxidants such as phenols and polyphenols.


The products come from local agriculture, respectful of the environment, favoring organic or reasoned methods. Particular attention is paid to the preservation of nature, authenticity and manufacturing quality, while promoting a sustainable economy:


  • The mill used to press the olives runs on solar energy.

  • The waste is recovered: the pits become pellets and the must is transformed into animal feed.

  • Transport and distribution in bulk are facilitated thanks to the use of innovative packaging.

O Kαiros Travels

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