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Quick fact : Drones, champions of the circular economy

Drones are proving to be much more than mere aerial devices; they embody the champions of sustainability and the circular economy.

Their use in the agricultural sector, particularly in the cultivation and maintenance of olive trees, showcases their invaluable worth.

With capabilities such as infrared mapping, soil analysis, and even assisted pollination, these drones provide farmers with valuable tools for more efficient crop management.

By enabling rapid, cost-effective, and reliable data collection, they facilitate informed decision-making in the face of increasingly unstable climates. Moreover, their ability to detect early signs of olive tree stress contributes to proactive crop management, thereby reducing the risks of harvest loss.

Furthermore, their use on rugged terrain proves not only more cost-effective but also less intrusive than that of helicopters or light aircrafts.

Thus, drones emerge as indispensable partners for sustainable and precision agriculture, paving the way for a more viable and productive future for olive growers.


MobiRes-Net: A Hybrid Deep Learning Model for Detecting and Classifying Olive Leaf Diseases

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