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Who is Kairos (Kαιρός) ? Don't miss him!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Did you know that the Greeks had two gods of time?

We often think of time as an unbroken chain of events that prevents the past, present and future from happening at the same time.

The ancient Greeks referred to this linear dimension of time as Kronos or Cronos (Κρόνος).

They also had another name for time, Kairos (Καιρός).

If Kronos is defined by the linear aspect, Kairos represents the qualitative aspect of time, the critical or timely moment.

Kairos is the God of Opportunity

Let's now analyze the particularities of Kairos to better understand our God of Opportunity.

Kairos is the grandson of Kronos. His hair is asymmetrical with long locks falling forward on his forehead. However, we can notice that he is bald in the back.

He has wings on his feet, suggesting that he is always running and is never still. He's running, he's going very fast! And he also has wings on his back, reminding us of Nike, Goddess of Victory.

Victory, after all, comes from making the most of every opportunity.

While the current of Kronos carries us from the past to the future, Kairos goes in the other direction. It is a dynamic force that opposes fate and opens up new possibilities. But what is certain is that it is always heading towards the same place - "the Now".

If you are looking for opportunities, the place to look is always here and now.

When you see Kairos coming, especially, approach him head on and grab him by the hair. Once you grab it, you can change your destiny.

If the moment is not seized, it can never be recovered. There is nothing to grab on the bare back of his head.

Every moment is unique.

Prepare for the arrival of Kairos and don't miss him!

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