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Falling for the "Superfood"!

Rich in vitamins, calcium, iron, antioxidants,... these products are a healthy alternative to spreads and energy bars.

The Soukas estate has been producing honey for more than half a century and offers 15 different varieties of honey, some of which have recently won awards.  It is some 1,500 types of plants such as thyme, oak, strawberry tree, carob, chestnut,.... which cover the slopes of Mount Helmos culminating at 2,355 m above the village of Ano Lousos in the Kalavryta region.

However, it is on other products that our interest has focused.


Crush on the "Super Food", exceptional products not only in the mouth but for their nutritional qualities!  


Only two ingredients! No preservatives, no added sugars, ....... just honey and nuts (hazelnuts, pistachios or almonds) or chocolate for spreads, honey and sesame seeds for the "Pasteli ".

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