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Karambotsos Windmill
Producer of virgin and extra virgin olive oil in Greece

Who are we ?

Certified ISO 22000, based in Ampelofyto in Greece, in the Messenia region in the south of the Peloponnese, the Moulin Karambotsos has been producing very high quality olive oil for 50 years.  


The excellent quality of the olive oil comes from olive trees grown with natural methods and only with rainwater.

With an annual production of 2,000,000 liters, the Moulin Karambotsos has taken a new turn in recent years towards a more sustainable future:


  • By switching to a CO2-free production process

  • By implementing more sustainable packaging solutions 

  • Looking to the future with waste management 

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our approach and more particularly in terms of packaging. 


From 2023, we offer two complementary packaging options that go in the direction of sustainable development:


  • Distribution with 10L or 20L Bag-in-Box packaging.  The idea is that the Customer brings their own container such as a glass bottle and fills it using the valve.  

  • A 1L pouch (Pouch-Up ®) fitted with a valve to be placed on the shelf


These two types of packaging would bring several advantages:

  • A high quality extra virgin oil that retains its aromas, taste characteristics and nutrients

  • Ideal storage conditions (standard freshness up to 10 months)

  • An olive oil (Koroneiki and Mavrolia varieties) recognized for its health benefits

  • Easy handling

  • A very low carbon footprint

  • Ease of service

  • Compliance with the upcoming climate and resilience law (January 2030)

  • Active participation in the sustainable economy

  • Competitive prices

Would you like more information and add our products to your catalog:

Contact us

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Jean-Mathieu Diebold

+33 7 68 43 38 89

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