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FRESKO Mavrolia Organic - 500ml
  • FRESKO Mavrolia Organic - 500ml

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    Monovarietal & Organic

    Mavrolia variety

    Extra virgin olive oil




    A local variety from the Navarin region, from organic farming.


    Superior category organic olive oil obtained directly from olives of the Mavrolia variety and only by mechanical means. Mavrolia olives are a local variety from the Pýlos region, also known as Navarino. Its culture dates back to the Mycenaean civilization and the kingdom of Nestor extending from 1650 to 1100 BC. circa AD.


    They have been carefully selected, crushed with a special technique for an exceptional result.


    It’s the earth’s gift to the angels!


    Available in limited quantities and exclusively from the new harvest; that’s why it’s called FRESKO!


    Store in a cool place and away from light



      Energy 3389 kJ/824Kca

      Protein 0g

      Carbohydrates 0g

      Total fat 91.6g

      Saturated fatty acids 12.8g

      Monounsaturated fatty acids 70.5g

      Polyunsaturated fatty acids 8.3g

      Vegetable fibers 0g

      Sodium 0g

      Store in a cool place away from light

      500ml and EL 40192  - Greek product

      A local variety from the Navarino region, from organic farming.


      This oil has organoleptic characteristics of medium intensity, with a predominant spiciness and less intense bitterness, with a distinctive slight astringency. Its aromas Intense aromas are characterized by ripe fruits, almonds and sour fruits, while less intense aromas are freshly cut grass, pepper, aromatic herbs, spices and butter. In addition, notes of chamomile, mint and tropical fruits stand out.

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